Digital E.E.G

digital eeg

When the time comes to upgrade your EEG machine you will be faced not only with the question of which instrument manufacturer to buy from, but the even more fundamental one: should you get an analog or digital machine? While the former have been and still are the mainstay of EEG practice, the latter have made remarkable strides in the past decade.

Which of the two types of equipment will serve you better depends entirely on the use for which it is intended. In a private office practice or small hospital where patient care is the only factor analog machines are perfectly adequate, because even record storage is not likely to be a major problem, since the volume of studies tends to be manageable. The big advantage of analog equipment is that the physician and technician are used to the mechanics and the written product. The machines, especially the best known ones, have been around for nearly 50 years, are rugged, highly reliable and last virtually forever with minimum maintenance. So why should one even consider going digital E.E.G.